OpenSea Bulk Upload Tool

Upload to OpenSea your NFT collection in minutes. Don't waste your time recording macros or manually creating your NFTs, use our OpenSea bulk uploader to start selling your collection on the most popular NFT marketplace.

OpenSea Bulk Upload

Bulk NFT Uploader

Collections from one to thousands of NFTs. Our OpenSea bulk upload software takes care of saving you hours of time by uploading multiple files to OpenSea once and for all.

No-code Solution

Our platform takes care of the batch upload of your assets to OpenSea in the background. You don't need to have technical knowledge, either using another third-party software or recording any macro.

Ethereum & Polygon

Works for Ethereum and Polygon network collections. Choose the network of your choice to import multiple NFT files to OpenSea.

Upload your NFT Collection to OpenSea in Minutes

You might be wondering: How to upload 10,000 NFTs to OpenSea? Our OpenSea bulk upload solution will create your NFT smart contract that will let you upload your entire collection in a single transaction to reduce gas fees, and you'll see your NFTs directly on OpenSea.

Save Endless Hours of your Time

Focus on the important things, creating the art and promoting your collection. Leave the integration with OpenSea to NFT Bulk.

Add NFTs Metadata

The platform takes care of the bulk upload to OpenSea and also the integration of the metadata of your collection.

Increase your Profits

Forget about partnering with developers to launch your NFT collection.

Go Live in Minutes

Simple and pretty straightforward process to bulk upload your NFT collection, following just a few simple steps. No code required.

How It Works

Bulk upload your NFTs to OpenSea was never been so simple. The setup process won't take more than two minutes.

What's Inside

One-of-a-kind solution to upload in bulk your NFT collection to OpenSea.

Ethereum & Polygon

Create your NFT collection on the Ethereum Mainnet or Polygon network. Also, you'll be able to use the Rinkeby and Mumbai networks for testing purposes. Integration

Our platform relies on the IPFS created by you on You'll be the owner of your assets' IPFS and metadata IPFS files.

Smart Contract Creation

Deploy your nft smart contract to use with your collection. No technical knowledge required.

MetaMask Integration

You'll mint your NFTs with MetaMask and your collection will instantly appear on OpenSea. Start selling your NFTs in minutes.

NFT Bulk Supports the Main Blockchains on the NFT Ecosystem

They Bulk Upload Their NFT Collection

Their words, not ours. Learn how was their experience using our Opensea Bulk Upload tool.

"Our team had the early opportunity to use the NFT Bulk Upload Tool to test our project. After a successful set of transactions there we gave it shot on the Polygon main-net. Once the contract was complete, we began uploading our 10,000 NFT collection in batches. We got our project uploaded to OpenSea precisely as specified and we could not have done it so effortlessly without the NFT Bulk Upload Tool."

"After more than a year of searching for a 'simple and efficient' system to upload our first collection to OpenSea, we finally discovered NFT Bulk. Simple, fast and efficient!"

"I uploaded a 10,000 item collection to Opensea using NFT Bulk, and having been through the process I can say that it is the perfect place to bulk upload NFTs. They have a great chat box feature where agents reply in a timely fashion, a very affordable price for Polygon contract creation, and they've even introduced a Chrome extension for the price listing process. I really needed NFT Bulk because of the nature of my collection. Their service is 10/10 and I recommend it to you."

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